What additional value do purchasing courses offer over YouTube courses?

  • Lifetime access to the course materials *
  • Downloadable source code
  • Forum access to collaborate with other students on a course-specific basis 
  • Certificate of completion on each course
  • Offline video access *
  • Purchases help fund the development of more free content 

(*) - Note that these benefits are not available to PASS subscribers

Why are so many of the materials available for free on YouTube?

Tim has put hundreds of free videos on YouTube because he is deeply committed to helping EVERYONE learn, not just those that can pay. His PAID courses fund the FREE training that he creates. To be clear, the vast majority of the paid courses on iamtimcorey.com cannot be found on YouTube.

If I purchase courses on your paid site, I no longer need to pay attention to your YouTube channel, right?

Wrong! My paid site has lots of great content and some does overlap with the YouTube content, like the Dev Questions, but I still post some other Preview and special topic videos on YouTube that you will want to watch for, so please be sure to Sign up for my newsletter and also subscribe to the YouTube channel!

Why can't I download the video lectures from the (AP) courses, but I can from my individually purchased courses?

We are forced to do this because of people who misuse the subscription. People try to purchase only one month of the DevPass so they can download ALL the courses and then use it indefinitely. Some were taking the content and re-selling it illegally. Tim doesn't get too worked up about people stealing his content (there will always be those who abuse our trust), but he also wants to be smart about it. Also, when purchasing a course, you get "lifetime access" so downloading makes sense. When subscribing to the DevPass, you are just renting the content, so allowing downloading does not make sense.