Whether you are an employee wanting to ask the boss to pay for your training or a business considering purchasing training for one or more employees, we have options for you.

Can I add company information to my purchase details?

Yes! Just click the Business Orders* link in the footer of our website (COMING SOON). This will flag your current session as needing the full-format checkout form. When you are ready to check out, or by clicking an 'Enroll Now' button on any sales page, you can add company information and even request that a quote for purchase be emailed to you.

Can I get a Quote?

Yes! You can use the Business Orders* link explained above. When you get to the payment window, select the Quote icon instead of one of the other payment options, like a credit card. Be aware that we don't keep your personal or company information. Once you request the Quote, the link it sends you is the only way to access the quote information.

If you lose the link or need additional information or something changed, email us at help@iamtimcorey.com so we can help. Even if you want us to create the quote for you, we are glad to help!

How Do I Get an Invoice for a completed purchase?

Just follow the Invoice link in your receipt. It is located on the upper right side of the email. Need company information added? Email help@iamtimcorey.com with the receipt number (TC#######) and the information you want to be added.

Where can I find out more about how Tim Corey supports Business?

Check out this article to learn about volume discounts and more - How IAmTimCorey Supports Businesses

Can I get help asking my boss to pay for my training?

We are glad to help! Check out this article with suggestions and examples you can use when communicating with your manager - How to Ask Your Boss to Sponsor Your Training


If you have questions, need information updated in a quote or invoice, or have a complex order, contact us at help@iamtimcorey.com. We are always glad to help.

(*) - In beta currently, please contact help@iamtimcorey.com to participate.