How do I contact Tim and his staff?

Use the "Have a Question" or "Contact Us" widgets floating in the lower right corner of most of our website. You can also reach us at Either option creates a ticket in our helpdesk.

Do you have a Knowledge Base where I can find answers to my questions about Tim's offerings?

We sure do! Our knowledge base is one of our best-kept secrets that we really want to share with everyone!

How do I report "Videos not working!"?

Our hosting platform has a status page - Teachable Status They have 24x7 support and you can post your concern and check for outage status there. You can also drop us a note at, but we aren’t online 24x7.

Do you have a place where I can get help with problems I come across in a course?

Yes! Students who have made course purchases or have an active DevPass on get free access to! The forum features course-specific categories, so you are placed with other students from your specific course(s). The goal is to get the community interacting more so everyone can help each other. 

Have a question about a topic in a YouTube video? Post it in the comments on the video! We have an active and supportive community that is genuinely glad to help out.

For those who are not able to purchase a course or the DevPass subscription, we recommend using Stack Overflow. Tim has a video on how to post a question on Stack Overflow that gets answers.

Where can I recommend an idea for a new video or course?

Do you have a suggestion for a 10 Minute training video? What about a Dev Question idea? Maybe a new course you would like Tim to produce? Whatever you want to suggest for Tim to tackle, just go to his Suggestion web page.

Do you offer consulting services? Custom training? Can I hire you?

Tim is not engaging in consulting services or custom training sessions at this time.