Note: this article only applies to students that have already purchased an All Access Pass. This article does not apply to folks that have only subscribed to Tim's YouTube channel or newsletter. They should view What Does Subscribing Give Me? to clarify the types of subscriptions.


We apologize for any confusion right up front over which payment service to use. It was the right choice to change providers, but it has caused confusion for some folks as to how and where they manage their All Access Pass subscription. 

  • If you have had your Pass since before March 2021, please follow the Old System instructions.
  • If you purchased it around March 2021 or after, please use the New System instructions.

Old System

For folks that purchased their Pass with the old payment system, manage your subscription by going to Subscriptions under your profile in Teachable. If you don't see your subscription, please use the 'New System' instructions. If your subscription is there, to add or change your credit card, go to Credit Card.

New System

To manage your Pass purchased with our new payment service, FastSpring, please go to and follow the prompts. The email address that you use should be the same used in IAmTimCorey. You will then get an email with a link to access your transaction history and subscription. Once in the system, use the Subscriptions tab.