Below is the sample letter you can customize for your situation. We encourage you to tailor this to match your specific needs and situation.

Please note: You must replace the <bold italicized> sections with the actual information it is requesting. For example: replace <Manager Name> with the name of the person you are asking to sponsor your training. Do that for each of the other <bold italicized> sections, then remove the special formatting.

You may want to change the identified course topics to the specific courses or topics that will benefit you and your future needs.

Your Letter

Dear <Manager Name>,

As part of my professional development with this company, I would like to request assistance in continuing to build my technical skills. I have identified some high-quality technical training that will directly support and enhance my ability to do my current job responsibilities. It also will help future proof my skills and position me for additional responsibilities when the need arises.

The training site I identified is: IAmTimCorey   

The 'All Access Pass' from this site offers an extensive set of C# focused training that covers, in addition to a C# masters-level course, topics like: Azure, Blazor, ASP.NET Core, Docker and more. It includes courses covering the full application lifecycle addressing DevOps, OOP, web, desktop, databases, CI/CD and more. The subscription this course catalogue will position me for significant skills growth to better serve the needs of the company, both now and in the future.

Benefits that this training can bring to the organization:

  • Support for future technology changes and upgrades
  • Improve application efficiencies as well as improving the application delivery process
  • Provide solutions to real world problems throughout the complete life cycle application

To see the full list of courses provided with the Pass, please visit the complete course list.

IAmTimCorey Pass Summary:

Purchase of an annual Pass, at $500 per named employee, gives that person full access to all of the courses in Tim's catalogue for one full year. Not only access to all courses and includes any new or updated course as it becomes available. For example, when Tim released the complete ‘Foundation in Web Development’ course with 40+ hours of content, a $497 value, it was immediately added to the Pass. The Annual Pass includes over $2,500 in training available to each subscribed employee for a full year and is renewable annually.

If you require any additional information to support this decision, please let me know.

I appreciate your consideration.



<Your Name>

<Your Title>

<Your Contact Info>