We are constantly trying to expand and improve our content for our students. That can mean courses get consolidated, renamed or are no longer for sale.

Here are some examples:

  • Foundation in C# Series - This series of courses was updated, expanded and consolidated into the C# Mastercourse in late 2021.
  • Database DevOps From Start to Finish - This course has been bundled with SQL Databases From Start to Finish. You have to purchase the SQL Databases From Start to Finish Bundle and you get BOTH courses (at a reduced price over when they were priced separately)
  • Weekly Challenges The Weekly Challenge materials have been refreshed and repackaged into the Prove It! series.

If you have other courses you are looking and just can't find, please contact us at Help@iamtimcorey.com. Please be aware that just because a course is no longer for sale, that does not mean it has been removed from the accounts of students that own the course.