Receipts & Invoices

To get a copy of your receipt or invoice, or to manage your subscription, go to and follow the prompts. Be sure you use the email address that you used when purchasing the course. FastSpring will then email you a link to access your information in their system.

Payment Options or Payment Method Not Working

The issue may be related to having a VPN masking your IP address. Please verify you are not using a VPN. You may try making the purchase from a different device. If you have verified with your bank or payment service that your account is good, you can reach us at or contact FastSpring customer support at FastSpring Consumer Support

Manage Your Subscription (Pass)

To manage your Pass purchased through our FastSpring payment service, please go to and follow the prompts. Your email address should be the same one used in IAmTimCorey. You will then get an email with a link to access your transaction history and subscription. Once in the system, use the Subscriptions tab.

For Other Issues

If you need any of the following, contact Tim's team directly at Please provide as much information as possible.

  • Invoice changes, like adding your company's name and address to an invoice 
  • A refund on a course or subscription
  • A quote for a special purchase or a corporate account
  • Any other question or concern

Why FastSpring?

As a small business, we are not capable of handling international payment transactions on our own. That is why we have engaged FastSpring as our exclusive payment processing service.