Training Means Winning

Training your team gives your company a competitive advantage. We make it easy for you to access the best training for your team’s needs.

With over 350 hours of content, your employees will have immediate access to both cutting-edge and legacy training. From the basics like C# syntax to more advanced topics like project planning or the steps to set up an Azure Active Directory B2C solution, Tim puts the information at your employee’s fingertips. Courses include hundreds of source code files for downloading, from code samples to full applications.

All of our training is complete (we don’t skip steps) to produce confident and competent developers in the real world.

By investing in your programmer’s continuing education, you demonstrate how valuable they are to the company.

Investment Options

  • DevPass – for a flat yearly fee per employee, we provide access to over 25 courses. This includes the C# Mastercourse with full application builds and in-depth topic courses addressing the breadth of the C# ecosystem. All courses include downloadable source code.
  • Individual Course Purchases – Purchase the perfect course to jumpstart your lead developer or grow your junior developer. For single course purchases, the manager or purchasing agent can use the 'Gift Purchase' option at the time of purchase to assign the course to the employee. Please contact us for a custom quote at

Volume Purchases

For volume purchases of courses, we offer corporate discounts, specifically 5% on the concurrent purchase of 5 or more of an individual course. Also, 10% on 10 or more!

The yearly DevPass is already discounted off the monthly DevPass option. No additional discounts apply.

We want to make the process easy for your team. Please contact for a custom quote on volume purchases or the purchase of Yearly DevPass subscriptions. For additional inquiries, please contact:

DevPass vs. Purchase

A lot of managers and technical leads struggle with whether it is best to get the DevPass (renting the training) vs purchasing the training to use as an ongoing resource for their employees. This article may help: Benefits of Purchasing

Additional things to consider:

  • Some managers have found it beneficial to get the Pass for a month to scope out and review the courses to find the best course(s) to invest in for their employees. This way, you know exactly what your employees are getting.
  • When you do get a course, purchase with confidence because we stand behind every purchase with our 30-day refund policy. What If I Am Unhappy With The Course?

Need an Invoice Before Purchasing?

We have you covered! Contact us at, and we will get you a custom quote immediately. 

Premium Service

Per the Terms of Use, Passes are purchased for each unique employee for the duration of the subscription. But when you maintain a minimum of five concurrent Yearly DevPasses, we will support reassigning a Pass from an employee who has left your company to a new employee for the remainder of that subscription period.

In addition to the world-class support every customer already receives from IAmTimCorey, Enterprise customers at this level also receive:

  • Priority Support. Prioritization of support inquiries and issues.
  • Flexible Accounts. The unique option to transfer existing subscriptions to new hires


For Employees:

Help With Talking to Your Employer

Get help asking your manager to support your training. Check out our sample Sponsor letters to get you started.