You know that if you get better at coding it will make you a more valuable employee. Ongoing training is vital. This article will help you communicate the value of training to your employer.

This article explains how to make business-friendly purchases - Considering having the company pay for the training?

Sample Letters

Clicking one of the links below will provide a sample letter that you can customize to send to your manager requesting support for your training goals. The letter includes a sample list of benefits for the company based on their sponsoring your technical growth.

These letters are just samples based on the course below. You will need to customize them, possibly translate them, so they fit your specific situation.

If you are wanting a different course, use one of these samples and customize it for the course you want.

Things to Keep in Mind

IAmTimCorey's licensing is only for single student ownership/use. Current licensing does not support purchases with the intent of sharing access to more than the single named student for whom the purchase was made. (This is a generally accepted practice.)

Purchasing individual course(s) grants lifetime access for the named student/individual, so you may want to have the course associated with your personal email address/account. If needed, we can move the course enrollment to the personal account after the purchase. Email help@iamtimcorey.com for assistance.

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