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This article focuses on the training Tim provides on YouTube.

We have put hundreds of free videos on YouTube because we are deeply committed to helping everyone learn, not just those who can pay. Paid courses fund the free training that we create. To be clear, most of Tim's paid courses available at cannot be found on YouTube.

Links to Tim's Free Content

  • The Path to C# in 2024 - Learning C# is much easier if you know the steps to get to your destination.
  • Start Here - Where do I begin? How do I get started to learn skills like C#, Web, Git, and more? 
  • Tim's YouTube Channel - Almost 400 video training sessions are available right now*
  • Blog - Check out all of Tim's informative Blog postings in one place
  • 10 Minute Training - Tim's entire playlist of short and concise free training videos
  • Dev Questions - You (or someone like you) asked, and Tim replied

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(*) -View Tim's YouTube channel for all his great videos and playlists. Use the channel search option just under the subscribe button to find the topics you need.

When you are ready, be sure to check out Tim's paid courses; they are available for purchase at IAmTimCorey