What Does the DevPass Offer?

It is a subscription to all of Tim's publicly available courses, including the Mastercourses, for one recurring monthly or annual fee. You can take as many of his courses as you want, as fast or as slow as you want. You have access to every course listed on the All Courses page* while your DevPass subscription is active (you will access them from the 'My Courses' link). For each course you complete, you are eligible for a Certificate of completion. 

(*) - Except for the 'Game Development Mastercourse' while it is in 'Preorder' status. Once the Game Development Mastercourse course is completed and launched for general sales, it will immediately be added to the DevPass subscription bundle. All active subscribers will get immediate access to the course at that time.

As long as you are a subscriber to the DevPass, you will retain access to the courses and any new courses Tim publishes.

Please visit the DevPass Enrollment page for prices and to check availability. 

While the DevPass subscription gives you full access to the courses and included source code, it does not include all the benefits of the full purchase of the course. This table clearly shows the difference between the benefits of purchasing a course versus subscribing with the DevPass.

Benefit Purchased DevPass
Course lessons Yes Yes
Source code* Yes Yes
Course bundles Yes Yes
Forum access Yes Yes
Offline video viewing Yes  - 
Lifetime access Yes  - 
Bonus materials* Yes  - 
Bonus courses* Yes  - 

(*)- when available

Offline video viewing, lifetime access, and bonus materials (if offered) are NOT included with the DevPass. 

If I already have the All Access Pass, do I need to upgrade?

You are already there! We upgraded all our active All Access Pass members who purchased their Pass from FastSpring to the benefits of the DevPass, but kept your price the same. As long as you keep your Pass going, you will keep the original price and still have all the benefits of the DevPass.

If you purchased your Pass through Teachable prior to March 2021, please contact help@iamtimcorey.com  so we can assist you in getting the same upgrade at your current rate.

I already 'subscribed' using a link on Tim's YouTube videos!

That subscription is for Tim's free newsletter. Tim also offers courses for sale that you can either purchase directly or access by purchasing the DevPass subscription described above. To see Tim's free content, please visit our Free Content article.

What Happens to a Course I Already Purchased?

If you have already purchased some of my courses (and therefore have lifetime access to them) and then subscribe to the DevPass, you will retain access to the purchased courses even after you stop the DevPass. Actually, you will see those courses duplicated in your course list. DevPass courses start with "(AP)" to differentiate them.

Why Do Some Courses in My Course List Start with an (AP)?

The (AP) designates that you have access to a course because of your DevPass membership. If you previously purchased the course, you still have lifetime access to them, and they appear on your list with their original purchase names.

Does the Regular Refund Policy Apply to the DevPass?

It does! If you are unsatisfied, contact us within the first 30 days of the initial subscription payment, and we will give you a full refund.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription/DevPass?

Please use this article - Manage Pass to see how to get access to your subscription account. You can also use the 'Manage Pass' link in the header of the Homepage.


Still have questions, please contact us at help@iamtimcorey.com.